“Chill, Homie! You need to let that shit go!”

chill-homieThanks to Elizabeth, aka Pema Yangchen, who brought me some amusement the other day by sending this along.

No one’s going to think that this is meant to be taken seriously (I hope), although there’s a curious resonance between this and another quote that many people have taken to be a Buddha quote: “If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.”

10 thoughts on ““Chill, Homie! You need to let that shit go!””

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply, but I’ve been on retreat for two weeks and I’m just starting to catch up with a backlog of emails, comments, etc. Unfortunately I don’t know where you can find a t-short or print of this quote.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I am disappointed, of course, but I think I’ll stay on the lookout in case this poster should become available. It gives the message (from fake Buddha, but still meaningful) a different perspective of being in the moment. Let go. ❤️

        1. Hi Karen,
          I took the image to a T-Shirt print shop where I live in San Diego. They had me pick out a style of T-shirt in a vast inventory they had, and the color I wanted. I presented the image to one of the graphic design artists working at the store. They were able to download it, and flawlessly print the image on the shirt using an app technology called ILLUSTRATOR. Came out great and I’m the only one who has it. Hope that helps if you haven’t got it done already..

  1. It gives me a good laugh every time I see this pop up on social media. There is no print of this available. I made this meme in June of 2014 as an Instagram joke with my Blackberry Z10, using an app called Typic, from an image I found on Google image search. The original artist (unknown) owns the original artwork. If someone were to make commercially available prints, t-shirts or other merchandise from it in the future. I would hope they would give the profit to a deserving charity. I have seen merchandise that has lifted the phrase without the artwork, and I guess that is ok, since it isn’t copyrighted. (Although I wish I would have recognized it’s potential popularity and gotten in on some of that action myself. lol)

    * to the owner of this site, if you visit the link I posted you’ll notice that I had used the hashtag #fakebuddhaquotes, as I was partially inspired by your excellent work.

    1. Thank you Harry McKenzie, for your post and for the background information on the “Chill, homey……” Poster. Brilliant work!

    2. Kudos to you for giving props to Someone Out There who obviously gets it! Perhaps, being awake & aware, they will care more that the message is received and less about material rewards.

  2. I took a photo from a coffee mug with the same quote and sent it to Vista Print to make a t-shirt for my 92 year old mother-in-law. She loved it, since she is the one who gave me the coffee mug.

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