Please excuse the mess

We had a bit of a hacking incident, and I’ve just finished putting the site back together again. The database was destroyed beyond repair and my backups turned out to be corrupted and unusable, so I had to manually copy posts over from Google’s cache. I was able to retrieve most, but not all, of the posts. Unfortunately all the comments have been irretrievably lost, along with some of the images.

This has been an interesting test of my equanimity!

All the best,

9 thoughts on “Please excuse the mess”

  1. Its so sad Venerable Bodhipaksa that this tragedy happened. Next time please save the material and backup. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.
    With metta and karuna,

  2. How very frustrating! After stumbling upon your site, I use it quite often. It is amazing to me how often folks attribute anything and everything to the Buddha without any basic understanding of Buddhism. I can’t help but set them straight! Best of luck.

  3. Aw man, This sucks! I hope things get settled. I visit this site weekly just to make sure I’m referencing real buddha quotes with my posts. Hopefully it will be back soon! :$ Very useful website, keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I’m almost a third of the way to restoring all the old posts. Thank goodness for and Google’s cache! Otherwise the whole site would be irretrievably lost.

  4. Oh dear. Having been the recipient of just such an attack, I deeply appreciate your gracious efforts to rebuild.

    I found my attacker on a hacker board a few days later, bragging about his assault.

    “I have always wondered,” I posted in response, “that the pleasure some take in destroying the creations of others seems so wholly fulfilling to them. To me, it seems, a clever assault on an innocent and unsuspecting victim is the most cowardly kind of self-aggrandizing gesture. Why not apply all that cleverness instead to creating something of value to others, rather than destroying in a way that is only of value to oneself?”

  5. Really sorry to hear that.

    Your site is fantastic. Every time I come across a quote from ‘Buddha’ that seems fishy, I copy and paste it into google, and without fail, your blog comes up at the top of the results.

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