The hate mail is getting more polite

Well, perhaps this is better termed “passive-aggressive mail,” rather than “hate mail,” but in a comment, Tharindu wrote:

Buddha was the most greatest person in the world. what he was say is so true..! some things you will never understand my friend. you are just a little kid who try to find write and wrong in the world dear Bodhipaksa. so please don’t put this kind of post unless you don’t know what your are talking. just observe the Buddhist and then say some thing. this is the most friendly advice i can give to you.

See? “Dear Bodhipaksa” and “my friend.” That’s polite

He also wrote:

yes. there are lot of books about history things that said by the Buddha. try to read the old books and learn some thing my friend. you have lot of things to learn before you die.

Not only is that polite, but it’s excellent advice, since I do like to read old books and to learn things.

2 thoughts on “The hate mail is getting more polite”

  1. Well, you are still quite lucky if you got that amount of politeness. I received very interesting one from someone who banned me imediatelly after wrote me.
    “Hey you motherf…er 🙁 you’ve insulted our religion buddhism now you watch what we do 🙁 you go f… your asshole :X you think you’re so smart,huh??,bustard,moron”

    Im still waiting for what they do…. still nothing is coming.
    This i got quite often from Indians, who just switched their religion from one adoration to another. From Shiva or Vishnu they switched to Ambedkar and Buddha. Or also quite often from Sri Lankans who got quite nationalistic and close minded in last few years… so see, be glad for this kind of mails!
    Thanx for all your great job and please continue!

    1. I haven’t been getting so much hate mail recently. A lot of what I do get is simply condescending, along the lines of “Well, obviously you don’t know much about Buddhism, but one day you might be able to understand such things…”

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